Friday, December 26, 2008


Advice to new visitors of my humble Blog

New visitors will mostly come to my humble Blog by a Google search.
I suggest to ya not just check the item you were looking for but go through my whole Blog. I'm certain you will find other interesting items for ya.
Take your time to do so but start the archives at the beginning (2006_april). Most musical links (98%) are correct at this day of writing 2008_01_01.

You can also use the labels underneath an article which I added 2008_march_01.
Of course it depends on the time of day but you can also check nice examples of my Blog articles on my daily most popular pages.
Another way is to check on the left bar the entries of my 10 last visitors.
In some cases you probably get a html page of just the article plus the comments. You have to go the the comment section itself to be able to copy a link !!

too much text. sorry.
I fully agree with you if you are one of those people who just wanna have music (and want a lot !!) for free......
Didn't see any comment by you.....(think about that....).
But I hope you have read my intention about my Blog (understand you didn't...).
This is a personal diary.
I wanna learn about internet and Blogging and HTML.
The music is a bonus to me... To you the most important thing ????
Anonymous (why ano ?).... where are YOUR musical offers ????
Greetings, new visitor (courtesy of Mr. Five Music) to your blog here and I like some of what I see, especially the Cruisin' series. As for your position regarding totally fuzzy. I always thought of a blog being listed in there was a sign of honor or more simply put, advertising. I am a person who uses totally fuzzy frequently, more for it's blog search function than anything else. When I come across a blog I check to see if meets my criteria. If it does, then I explore it further and then sometimes bookmarking it for future postings. I am a music lover and I am always looking for more music (almost always oldies) and places like totally fuzzy are a big help to me. I look forward to seeing what else you have.

Bob Haldeman
It's funny to stumble across your site from a google search and then see this post. As for me I started running through the blogs about a year or so back searching mainly just for hip hop that was before my time. Recently I started focusing on songs that were used to make the hip hop instrumentals and that's led me down the path to a whole different music scene. I'm only 20 so I recognize a lot of the music and groups I come across from when I was younger and I would listen to the oldies station with my dad so coming across blogs with music like this almost takes me back to my childhood. The music was thoroughly enjoyable as a child and now I can listen and interpret the rhythms with a learned ear. I will definitely check out the archives for more memories. I know it says you'd like to learn about HTML and such running the site, perhaps you could organize your archives into a clickable pulldown menu list for easier access. It would certainly help, but its not going to kill me to go through the archives. Just a polite suggestion for some new HTML to learn. Thanks for the blog.
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