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Farewell to my friends and supporters

Hi all. This final post is to say thank you to everyone who has visited and enjoyed my humble JeansMusicBlog.

The blog was much fun for me, accent on was. But as I stated before (for over a year...) the fun was going down. So many visitors a day (400 at the moment....), so many downloads and so little comments......
As much as I enjoyed re-arranging the looks of my Blog, the writing about music and sharing a very small part of my collection, I simply don't like the take and leave thing. Some responded with a comment : appreciated. Some anonymous, but why not with Frank or Ann ? To the majority even hitting the button below every post (added 2008_may or so) to 'rate' it seems to be too much of an effort...
Compare it to the time a complete article and upload takes to make. Very often about two hours... In 900 days I made 730 articles....
In my opinion in return a Blogger has to be fed with, at least, comments... : participation is necessary.
I better use my time to people (ladies...) who appreciate me a little bit more...

I started my blog to have fun, not to be just a free mp3 corner... It gives a bad taste in my mouth how things turned out.
You cannot buy official copies of most of my over 700 posts. My blog didn't wanted to take from the artists (or recording company for that matter !), but tried to keep them alive in the public eye.

In the header of my Blog I wrote will my blog survive 2 years ? To be true, I first wrote just one year.... Well it did, to my own surprise. But in a better Blogging world, it could have go on for a very long time.

I want to thank the nice people who supported my blog by giving comments or additional info or suggestions/requests. In the open or in private by mail..

My blog is comment moderated. It means I have to approve every comment.
So I opened a blog called JeansMusicBlog_comments which is not moderated. Everyone can say whatever you like over there.
I suppose in time I also wanna tell you over there what my (blogging) plans for the future will be like the unfinished bussines... Cruisin serie for example.

Take care my friends and may God bless each and every one of you on your life's journey.

Ive said all I have to on the un moderated site
Thank you my friend
hello jean. i'm so sorry that you've decided to call it a day. i've only just discovered your blog and having had a look around the archives i can see that it will be sorely missed. i just wish i had found you earlier.
Ciao Jean,

It was a plesure knowing you.
Thanks for all the wonderfull music.
I wish you all the best.

Just at the moment I understood how it works ! You know... You have a pretty good traffic. It means some people appreciate. I have 4 blogs and very few comments. One had no comments at all ! But I carry on, 'cause I had some traffic. Anyway, that's your decision. Will your blog be deleted ?
Thank you !
Mario Bergeron
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada
Thanks for all the great music and good luck in whatever you do next. Choirboy
I've tried to convince you not to end this blog. I found you thru Binky's blog , and sadly did't had the time to let you know my apriciation on all your work.
Hopefully ,see you in another life.

Are you really from Ostend???
In that case " toet ip de koie è kè"

jammer dat het einde nu definitief lijkt van deze blog die mij veel plezier bezorgde. Toegegeven mijn commentaar stond ook niet in verhouding tot uw werk en tijd die je hier in stak. Het ga je hopelijk goed in je verdere leven.
Bedankt voor alles wat je met ons deelde.

I am not surprised that you have closed the blog, it has been fun while it lasted. I don't think that you will ever get more than a few people to say thanks (in this day and age it seems that the majority finds it to be too hard to say thank you).

It was nice meeting you and I hope that you find enjoyment elsewhere.


Ek stem saam met joy! Dit is tyd om die ou af te skud, en die nuwe pad te volg!

I really appreciate what you have endeavoured to do Jean. You have made me wise to many sounds that I might never have known. You have lit a BIG fire in my heart for Aretha Franklin, Elvis Pressley, John Mayall, and not only you, but the wonderful 'BLUESTOWN' blog.

Actually I just made my last post at 'KATOIKEI'S JUKEBOX' and have move on to 'OUT ON HIGHWAY SIXTY ONE' ... I am leaving the blog as it stands for it is part of a journey. I am still young, my journey is still long.

Love to you my friend en vrede,
Eric Sawyer
Katoikei's Jukebox
Church in the Net
...where I am NOW!
@Anonymous _Friday, 2 January 2009 23:35:00 o'clock CET

Are you really from Ostend ??? In that case "toet ip de koie è kè"

No, I am not from Ostend... All I can say : Tes mien te koet weije up de dyke

Thank you for all the music you've given us, and I hope your future endeavors are as passionate, but with better reward. We'll miss you!
A fond farewell, dear blogger. Thank you for hosting us on a two year journey in your life. You, your recordings, and most of all your deep humanity will all be missed.
Blessings on you and yours,
I am certainly sorry to see you hang it up, but I know too that it can become a drag.

Your blog is unique and quite special. I can’t think of another I enjoyed so much. Good luck in whatever direction you go. And keep in touch!

Fuck. I just discovered your blog a few days ago while looking for information about Fairport Convention. You should continue but I can understand you about "the Come and Leave".
Take care. :)
Hi Jean,
There is a way for you to make the link invisible....and appears only if you make a comment....I have seen it on other blogs......PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!

This Music University Is TOOOO Important to close
Like all the others I am very sorry to see you go. You may not have thought so but what you did was very much appreciated and will be sorely missed. I wish you all the very best in the future and thanks for everything,
Regards Ray
many blogs (if not every blogs!) have this problem: few comments but many visited pages. It's normal. Just because many people don't know what to say. Saying only "thank you" it looks like a stupid thing, say something else it could be nice and appreciated but only if you have really something to say. Blogs are beautiful for many reasons: most of all they share music never releases on cd or hard do find.
I just found you today, 5-9-09. I was looking for Harmonicats - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White (I have in mono but want stereo) and found Greatest Hits here. But discovered you closed your blog so I don't know much of what you did. Even so, I know you put a lot of work into it. Many thanks from Southern Calif.
Best wishes,
Rick James
Many thanks for the great music. I've spent a very happy couple of weeks following your blog from beginning to end. My father (Bill Vick) managed a couple of British pirate radio stations, so I particularly enjoyed the mentions of Caroline.
Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog. I appreciate the time and effort your put into this site in the past, and I am sorry that it turned from being a joy to a chore. Best of luck in your future blogging endeavors.

Thanks for the heads up on all the great tunes.
Hi Jean,

I just discovered your blog today (linked from It's sad that so many visitors simply downloaded your content without taking the time to express some simple appreciation, and sadder still that it's made your contributions less personally rewarding for you. So let me say thank you for what you've left behind. I just downloaded the Million Dollars of Christmas Doo-Wop from 2007, and it's fantastic. Best of luck to you on your future endeavors.

Cape Cod, MA USA
Like great art, great web sites are, at first, a little intimidating. When you become truly familiar with the site, you want to tell all your friends. But still you are afraid to describe, in clear direct terms, the nature of what the site does on the site itself. Because ... it is well known that there are forces arrayed against this type of thing. Not that they have a direct interest by right, but because they believe that they have a right to control the availability of something, something that we all enjoy (or else why would we be here?). So even if something is not available by any other source, even their own supply, they feel that if it is available, it is against their interest. Because they believe that music is just like food. That we will buy it for convenience, not taste. And for so many people that is true, then there are those of us who treasure places where music happens, times when music changed and grew, and we have Jean :)
Thank you for sharing your great music collection and sincere feelings with us all.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl. USA
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