Monday, January 26, 2009


Highest Day 1207 visitors on 26_Jan_2009

Highest Day 1207 / 26 Jan, Mon, 2009
I couldn't believe my eyes but I checked with two counters... and it's true... out of nowhere over 1200 new visitors and 1500 page-views on one day...

Maybe you would like to think again about closing the blog - a lot of us like it.
Hi Jean! I always check your blog and I really appreciate your work and your music.

Mariano, from Buenos Aires, Argentina (the land of Maradona!)
Maradonna ?
Isn't that the guy who learned playing soccer by watching video-tapes of the best soccer player of the world Dutch Johan Cruijff ??

Our Dutch crown-prince Willem-Alexander has a wonderful wife in Argentine Maxima. At the moment she's the most popular one of the royal family.
Well, this just shows how much you are appreciated, although many do not publicly acknowledge this. I am also guilty of not expressing my thanks often enough. This should prove to you how much your blog is liked. I hope you do reconsider closing.
The People Love you BAD!!!!
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