Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jacques Geuens' popcorn on Radio Benelux

Every wednesday evening 20-22 CET Jacques Geuens does his Popcorn show on Radio Benelux : Radio Benelux schedule or Radio Benelux stream. Just click on the player and have fun.
Mister Geuens is quite a lazy person and doesn't make a playlist in advance. He decides in the studio what he'll play......

Podcasts to his show last week (each is 35MB) :
Jacques_Geuens_090121_hr1 & Jacques_Geuens_090121_hr2
Podcasts to his first show this year (I will delete these in about a week) :
Jacques_Geuens_090107_hr1 & Jacques_Geuens_090107_hr2

EDIT 2009_03_01 Links deleted.


Bedankt voor de tip.
Ik ga zeker luisteren.

Hi Jean,

Tried it last Saturday but it failed. Perhaps due to linux (Ubuntu). It's better than windows but sometimes ... and then I lose a bit of hair(hurts too). I'll give it another go. Tks for the post & the podcasts.
Thanks very much Jean for this , very much appreciated
All my best to you my friend
Will you consider starting a popcorn blog yourself ? Would be very nice !

Jacq's broadcast is not on saturday but every wednesday !!!
Hurts losing hair ? If so I must have had a lot of pain.....

We'll keep in touch. I always have to laugh when I visit your blog. Typical English humor and nice music.

Folks, visit popcorn4u2 and Binky Spoons. You will not regret it.
Bedankt voor de links
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