Thursday, January 01, 2009


Unfinished bussiness.....

There's still some unfinished bussiness like the Cruisin' series and some promises I made to requests I got.
Somehow I will come to that.

I am very sorry to see your blog about to close but I cannot blame you. I appreciate very much what you have done. I have found a lot of good old music that I have not heard before and a lot that I had forgotten and that brought back a lot of memories and enjoyment, Anyway thank you for what you have done and all the very best for the future,
Regards Ray
Dear Jean,

Your work on 'Popcorn' and 'Cruisin' inspired me.

One day I met a lonely journalist. We talked about music, we shared music and now I am going to share what I learned on my new blog. 'Out On Highway Sixty One'

Here is a link to the first tape, 'The Smiling Jack Collection'.

Just great !
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