Tuesday, February 24, 2009


JJ Cale - Roll On

JJ Cale - Roll On
01. Who Knew 3:30
02. Former Me 2:48
03. Where the Sun Don't Shine 3:07
04. Down to Memphis 3:05
05. Strange Days 3:10
06. Cherry Street 3:43
07. Fonda-Lina 3:20
08. Leaving in the Morning 2:37
09. Oh Mary 3:34
10. Old Friend 3:55
11. Roll On 4:43
12. Bring Down the Curtain 2:51

At last, at last. JJ Cale's new album is issued today !! Great 'lay-back' music as one can expect by JJ Cale. My fav track is Roll on ft Eric Clapton.
Listen to some samples on the oficial JJ Cale website and read the Press info

No download, just info ! Buy the album at the JJ Cale on-line store for only $13 !

Yes, I was wondering when finally he would surface. Road to Escondidto was just terrific! The CD and the live bits and pieces on youtube. Now you have wet my appetite....as soon as I get fish on the hook, down to HRC for my own copy. Still shy of a copy of Van Morrison's, 'Common One' Patience to me. Have a great weekened. Peace, Eric.
thank you for posting the link,Jean...i will definitely check it out! are you going to post the rest of the CRUISIN'albums(1964&1965)? i enjoyed all your other posts on them!
Yes, I will post the remaining Cruisin' albums.
I have them set apart together with some other albums but I am quite busy with other musical things at the moment.
Will not fogert it.
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