Thursday, April 01, 2010


Popcorn Vrasene gone forever

Last year I closed my blog never te re-open it again.
The content is mostly popcorn-oldies music.
I just read in the Beveren newspaper this night dancing The Popcorn in Vrasene burned down. The place where it all began, the temple of the Popcorn. A true lost. Now all we have left are our memories. And they will fade away because of the lack of youngsters to fill in our places and our increasing demention...
In august last year I visited the Popcorn for the last time. In many ways/views to me a memorable day !! After that we had a great (very hot...) party elsewhere in Beveren. Looking backwards to me the day is never to be forgotten.

Here are some pictures, old and sadly the latest ones. Share them but please keep in mind, although the dancing is gone now, our memory to those great days will linger on !

If you have any remembrance or just wanna give a comment feel free to do so. Let's make this comment section a kind of condolance book.


Let's remember the Popcorn like in the old days :

This was just an april fools joke.....

But in 2011 the place was really torned down to build new houses.
Some bricks were promised to me but promises don't mean much nowadays... :-(((

What a terrible shame. Popcorn lovers must be devastated.The place must have held so many memories for so many people.
Alain, this was my april fools-day joke for my personal group :-)))
Lol !!!
LOL, you are bad, hahahaha!
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