Friday, August 03, 2007


No Popcorn this saturday !!

Some Popcornlovers got a mail there will be no Popcorn next saturday because of the 'holiday season' ! Holiday season ???
Most of the songs played on Laser radio Popcorn are from expensive vinyl.
On this video you can see how 'Theo' prepared himself this week (as he usually does). Playing records and reading some interesting notes to tell the listeners.

When you watch this video you can understand why there's no Popcorn this saturday. Hope 'he's' recovered saturday september 1 !!! :-) :-)
It's (only) 21 seconds fun !

Maybe there's a 'stand in'.....

Luckily we can amuse ourselves tonight in the following Belgian disco's :

Popcorn is alive and kicking.....


No Popcorn : pick-up boem.....

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If you don't wanna come to me you can of course also write it down ...... :-)
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