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Today 1961 : German Democratic Republic closes border

The German Democratic Republic closes the border between the eastern and western sectors of Berlin, to thwart its inhabitants' attempts to escape to the West.
How well I remember that day and how frightened it was. What would the future bring ?
Later on I visited Eastern Europe several times. Nice people, not a nice political system. Had to been turned down somehow.
I truly cried when 'that damned wall' was turned down in 1989. At last, at last.....

So what, you're asking ? Politics ? No music ? I know, I know.
I played this week one of my all time Popcorn favorites Fisher, Toni & Wayne Shanklin Orchestra - West of the wall.
So what I hear you say again. I know, I know......
But you don't know (if you were indeed asking yourself) that this song is all about the wal, that wall !!!
I wrote earlier about West of the wall on 2006_dec_02, so just go to the end of that december archive page. It's an overly emotional song with a defiant tone about a couple whose love is separated by the Berlin Wall, an indelible symbol of the Cold War that, oddly, is rarely mentioned in the genre of 'war related songs'.

West of the wall I'll wait for you
West of the wall our dreams can all come true
Though we're apart a little while
My heart will wait until we both can smile
That wall built of our sorrow
We know must have an end
Till then dream of tomorrow
When we meet again

West of the wall where hearts are free
West of the wall your heart can come to me
And in my arms that hold you tight
You will forget the darkness of the night
The world knows about sadness and we are not alone
West of the wall that soon will fall and you'll come home

[Wall built upon sorrow, One day you will end, Hearts true to each other, Will not break, They will not bend, In our hour of sadness, How clearly we can see, Tomorrow's gladness, Free, free, free, free........]

Ah, there's sometimes so much to tell about music. See for example also my posting about John F Kennedy 2007_may_29 and the song Jimmy Dean - PT-109.
I suppose every reader of my BLog knows the WWII song Lili Marleen and the story behind it. Lale Anderson & Marlene Dietrich just to mention 2 artists.
Ha, ha, I have also a WWII German 'underground version' in which Hitler is hanged.... :-)

For those who don't wanna go to that earlier post (after all, they are in a hurry not to waste time by searching/reading, they just wanna download...) is in the comment again info to the above album containing this interesting song.

I've said what I wanted to say about this (sad) memorable day .....

A last note.
Toni Fisher also recorded an unreleased German version of West Of The Wall as Dort in Berlin. The German lyrics were by Hermann Lüth (1921-1978).
Is there someone who can provide this version ?? Please comment !

EDIT 2007_october_01
I notice, no-one commented so no-one seems to have this song or wants to share it. Yeah I know it's much better just to take than to give............ True ??
Lemmie tell ya I found the song myself on a very nice CD already a few days after I posted this topic. So don't bother anymore......
BTW I'll keep this very special song to myself now !

EDIT 2008_september_20
Today, in my Popcorn & oldies Top20 _2008_09_20 article, I finally offered you this very obscure song.

Fisher, Toni - The Big Hurt_Rare Stereo And Demo Tracks

01-Fisher, Toni - The Big Hurt (Orig 45 version) _1959
02-Fisher, Toni - Speak Of The Devil (Stereo)
03-Fisher, Toni - What Did I Do (Stereo)
04-Fisher, Toni - How Deep Is The Ocean _1960-#93
05-Fisher, Toni - Train Of Love
06-Fisher, Toni - Love Big
07-Fisher, Toni - Blue Blue Blue (Stereo)
08-Fisher, Toni - Laugh Or Cry
09-Fisher, Toni - West Of The Wall _1962
10-Fisher, Toni - Autumn Leaves (Stereo)
11-Fisher, Toni - You Never Told Me (Orig demo)
12-Fisher, Toni - A Million Heartbeats From Now
13-Fisher, Toni - Why Can't The Dark Leave Me Alone
14-Fisher, Toni - Gloomy Sunday (Stereo)
15-Fisher, Toni - The Springtime Of My Life
16-Fisher, Toni - Maybe (He'll Think Of Me) (Stereo)
17-Fisher, Toni - 365 Disappointments _1963
18-Fisher, Toni - You Won't Forget Me _1962
19-Fisher, Toni - Take Me In Your Arms (Stereo)
20-Fisher, Toni - If I Loved You
21-Fisher, Toni - Gotta Walk, Can't Sleep (Stereo)
22-Fisher, Toni - Love Affair (Stereo)
23-Fisher, Toni - My Silent Love (Stereo demo)
24-Fisher, Toni - A Man That's Steady (Orig demo)
25-Fisher, Toni - The Big Hurt '(Era re-issue w overdubbed echo) _1959
26-Fisher, Toni - The Big Hurt (Orig stereo demo-rough cut) _1959

Link :

Of course you understand to replace twice the '#' in an 'a' !!

Pass : JD_061201

File is a small 60MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google cache (or alike) you actually have to go to my BLog and this comment otherwise you cannot copy/paste this ! If you don't wanna come to me of course you can also write it down ...... :-)
So go back to 'Google search' and click on my main 'Blog link' instead of the 'Google cache'.
Or click on this page on 'home' and go to the '2007 august archives'.
Thanks for sharing all the Miss Toni Fisher. The Big Hurt has always been a number 1 psychedelic hit for me, up there with "The Three Bells" by The Browns. No kidding!
psychedelic hits ???
Even The three bells by the Browns ??? Funny !!!!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rodney Rawlings commented 2008_feb_19 :
I am writing about Toni Fisher for a website, and I would like to ask your permission to use the pic of the "West of the Wall" 45. OK? If so, please indicate the credit you would like to receive.
My email is:


Wasn't sure about publishing, but did today.

Rodney, as far as I am concerned if one writes something on the net it is available and free to everyone.

So, use anything from my Blog for your own purposes. No credits neccesary. I myself mostly don't scan my own original sleeves anymore but use, if available, the internet ones.

Good luck with the article about the great Toni Fisher !!
I always think about the wall going up right after the end of the war, not almost 20 years after the war...
If you enjoy Miss Toni Fisher, you might want to check out the record I posted of hers on my blog, Music For Every Mood. You can find the link here.
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