Saturday, December 15, 2007


Popcorn party tonight : Back To The Roots

Tonight's Popcornparty in Scaldiana :
Back To The Roots, It Started in '68 Part II
With dj Gilbert Govaert : The Groove (Oostende) & Popcorn (Vrasene), dj Gerry Popcorn Franken : Popcorn (Vrasene) and with his brother Luc 'founder' of the word and musicgenre Popcornoldies, dj Jeff Callebaut : Champou (Wichelen) & Popcorn (Vrasene), dj Andre Seymus : Kings Pub (Tielrode) and dj Hugo : Popcorn (Vrasene). Also with Veejay Benji who shows some exclusive video's.

Take a look at to get more info.


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