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Today 1910 Louis Prima was born

Today we remember the birthday of Louis Prima. You can check his biography at the original fan-site or Wikipedia.
When Louis and his 'mate' Sam Butero returned to Los Angeles he came into a coma after he had a brain surgery in 1975 and died August 24, 1978 (aged 67).

On the right his grave at Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans. How true part of the lyrics of his great song Just a gigolo.

Since I first heard his Buona Sera I was a fan. Even collected his albums as a big band leader. Great stuff I can assure ya.
Was difficult to pick something for today. Again a compilation album ? You must have some I think. An album as a big band leader ? I suppose it's not the kind you may like......
So I did choose (again..) an not wel known album (with 12 songs never before released, and all of them recorded live). Their 1958 Live in Las Vegas album (there is also another one available with the same title but this one is different).
I admit it's not my own, picked this from Luizoak (sadly not available anymore at his Blog) but here you get a new chance. Don't waste it !
Quote from Luizoak (so thanks to Bigbadmusic / Anyswing).
I'd heard all of their studio albums but never understood the appeal of Louis and Keely until hearing this album. Louis is a maniac, hyperactive, out of control; Keely is composed, sophisticated, vocally magnificent. The contrast is the key. At times their humor is almost too close for comfort (they would divorce in 3 years): Keely mockingly refers to Louis as her "Italian Stallion," then says he's too old for her; Louis says, "That's a stage joke, folks": Keely, persistent, says, "No, it's not." And all this is inserted in the lyric of a Gershwin tune.
Louis demonstrates his musicianship, his New Orleans roots, and Louis Armstrong influence. And the act makes it clear that none of the neo-swing revival groups of the mid to late 90's could touch them.

And how right Luizoak is !!! Sadly his rip isn't perfect and even the last closing track is missing but who cares ??? This is a must have album in your collection to understand something about Louis Prima.

Prima, Louis & Keely Smith - Live from Las Vegas 1958
01-Them There Eyes - Honeysuckle Rose
02-I've Got You Under My Skin
03-Should I - I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
04-Don't Take Your Love From Me
05-Greenback Dollar Bill
06-Autumn Leaves
07-The White Cliffs Of Dover
08-Nothing Can Replace A Man
09-Robin Hood
11-Somebody Love Me - Nothing's Too Good For My Baby
12-Pack Your Clothes
13-Come Rain Or Come Shine
14-Too Marvelous For Words
15-Embraceable You - I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
16-Buona Sera
17-Tenderly - Can't Help Lovin' That Man
18-When The Saints Go Marching In

Did you read this or are you straight going to the comments to get this LP ...???


Note : full screen window gives you the best view of the comments !

'Clickable' links are for you downloaders soooo convienent but the disadvantage is they don't seem to 'last' long.
The Blogger gets a lot of comments 'please re-up'...... Other, more appropriate/interesting comments, they don't get.... :(
So you will have to do a little work to get the link.
This seems, in my opinion, the best deal between 'protecting' my links and the least effort for you.

Link :
Of course you understand to replace in r#pidsh#re twice the # in an a otherwise you don't have a 'valid' link !!
Paste this valid link in your browser-url and hit RETURN. You can also copy/paste the link into your 'downloadmanager'.

Well, that wasn't difficult, was it ? Now your download takes some time.
Think about the efforts a good Blogger does to compile a nice offer, uploads it to a server, makes a background article (in this case 2 hours...).
Shouldn't you, while simply waiting for the download to finish, give some remarks why you want this particular 'share' ?
Of course you should and you will if you are just a littlebit grateful.

Pass to extract this file : 071207
This file is a small 55MB, 'cause the songs are only in 128kbits

When you see this in Google or Yahoo cache or by my Blog's search function read first the RED instructions at the top left of my Blog !
Direct link (after that go to the plain comment of this 2007_december article !) :
I read your write up on this before i downloaded.just found your blog.Great job.I'm into country more than anything but grew up in the 50s so listened to all kinds of music.
thanks a lot
Love Louis Prima's energy on the few clips of live footage I have seen. Looking forward to hearing this live LP. Thank you for sharing
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