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Rutles' Beatles parody

If you are unfamiliar with the Rutles I strongly suggest to check Wikipedia_Rutles about this 'UK group' which was a Beatles parody. Read who were 'behind' that group. A 'must' to know if you like the Beatles !
Sorry, but I have to say the Rolling Stones are much better !

Quote from Wikipedia.
The Rutles began life in 1975 as a sketch on Eric Idle's BBC television series Rutland Weekend Television. The initial sketch presented musician Neil Innes (ex-Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) fronting The Rutles singing "I Must Be In Love", a masterly pastiche of a 1964-era Lennon-McCartney tune. The band name was coined as a continuation of the premise of the TV show on which the skit originated.

The show was presented as a programme produced by a fictional TV network based in the County of Rutland which is the smallest county in England. One of the running jokes was that it was a network run on a very tight shoestring. If the show parodied a topic, it would sometimes use names that were derivative of the word "Rutland". When Idle and Innes created a parody of the Beatles, it was natural word-play for them to devise a band name that sounded like a cross between the Beatles and Rutland. Innes credits Idle with suggesting "Rutles".

Innes was the resident musician/composer for the series, and would create songs with ideas on how they could be presented visually.

It was Innes who came up with the idea of a short skit spoofing the Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night. He had originally written "I Must Be In Love" which he realised sounded very "Beatley" and thought of the Rutles skit. He passed the idea to Idle, who had a separate idea for a sketch about a boring TV documentary maker. Idle and Innes decided to connect the two ideas into one extended filmed sequence, and this was shot for the TV show.

On the Wikipedia page above you see some pictures from the great TV video Rutles - All you need is cash 1978. Nice to watch that !
Here's a 9 minute clip of that TV show with George Harrison and Ron Wood !
So funny to watch the interview by George Harrison (look at the background) !!!!!

On 2007_may_22 I already posted Rutles - Sgt Rutter's only darts club band. Today an other album by them.

Rutles - The Rutles 1978
01-Goose-Step Mama
02-Number Two
03-Baby Let Me Be
04-Hold My Hand
05-Blue Suede Schubert
06-I Must Be In Love
07-With A Girl Like You
08-Between Us
09-Living In Hope
11-It's Looking Good
12-Doubleback Alley
13-Good Times Roll
15-Love Life
16-Piggy In The Middle
17-Another Day
18-Cheese And Onions
19-Get Up And Go
20-Let's Be Natural

It's also nice to listen to their other albums. An unprecedented Beatles parody !

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Funny funny stuff.
Hi again Jean, finally after reading through from your earliest, I am where I first started. The Rutles, certainly left a sweet sound in my mind and giggle and a twist. God bless you for your work, Eric.
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