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Cruisin' 1958 Jack Carney WIL, St Louis

cruisin' (krew'-zin) Teen-age custom of driving around, primarily to listen to pop music stations on the car radio, while observing other kids and cars doing the same thing; popular all over the United States beginning in the mid-fifties.

On 2007_November_08 I wrote an article about Cruisin' 1959 Hunter Hancock KGFJ, Los Angeles. You can get more info about this serie at the great Cruisin' blog. This isn't just nostalgia. It's history !

Today it's 1958 radio on the CRUISIN' series and in St. Louis it's the sound of Jack Carney, a man whose sense of humor made it seem he was trying to add a "D" to his station's call letters, WIL. That would have put him in Boston, on WILD, another of the several stations he worked in the Fifties; Jack was one of radio's gypsies before he settled down in Missouri. This was where he made his mark, concocting bizarre stunts that appealed to so many (mostly teenagers) his station went from number seven in the seven-station city to number one six weeks after he joined the staff. He invented a character called Pookie Snackenberg, who became a hero to St. Louis teens. He asked listeners to pull the tuning knobs off their home and car radios so the dial couldn't be moved from WIL - and weeks later irate parents still were digging through the three barrels of knobs Carney had received from their sons and daughters. He offered twenty dollars to anyone who showed up with a bird on his head (after playing a record called Bird On My Head) and there were fifty takers standing around with birds in half an hour. And when it was time for summer vacations to end he asked for fifty words or less - he said he'd settle for one - on "Why I am delighted to be returning to school," the winner to be driven by Carney to class and home each day for a week, in a limousine. Hokey. But Carney's presentation of "The Silver Dollar Survey" was one of the most influential programs on radio at the time.

Cruisin' 1958 Jack Carney WIL, St Louis.

Jack Carney resume:
WIL, KMOX St. Louis, WABC New York, KSFO San Francisco
Host, "The Comedy Show" (Syndication)
Jack Carney died in November, 1984 while taking a swimming lesson at a St. Louis YMCA. He was 52. His funeral was carried live on KMOX. He was posthumously inducted into the St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame.

SIDE ONE (18 minutes) starts with Jack Carney theme
At The Hop - Danny and Juniors & WIL Back to School contest
Tequila - Champs & 1958 Mercury commercial
Book of Love - Monotones & WIL Summertime jingle
Rock and Roll Music - Chuck Berry & Pookie Snackenberg Button Bit
Short Shorts - Royal Teens & WIL Station ID

SIDE TWO (18 minutes) continues with Chantilly Lace - Big Bopper & Gillette commercial
Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day & WIL jingle
Get A Job - Silhouettes & Gary Owens Show plug
Ten Commandments of Love - Harvey & Moonglows & 1958 Chevrolet commercial
Reber Rouser - Duane Eddy

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Thanks, Jean!! I'm listening to Jack Carney as I write this. The show is bringing back many fond memories of my younger years. I look forward to hearing more of this series as time goes on, especially the Dick Biondi segment (yes "On Top Of Old Pizza" Biondi is alive and well and on Chicago FM radio - 94.7 - in the evenings). Thanks again!

Could not get password to work. I'm 35 and listened to my parents copies of the Cruisin' series. Would loved to have had it on my ipod. Thanks anyway.
The pass is just the 6 digits.
So type it or copy/paste but be aware not to include a space at the beginning/end !
It must work for you also....
Hahaha! Finally, a year that I can relate birthday year. Peace, Jean.
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