Saturday, September 27, 2008


Emmylou Harris in Carre Amsterdam Holland

I wanted to take a trip to Amsterdam to see (...) the red light district over there but more important to attend Emmylou Harris' concert in theatre Carré.
Stupid me, I was too late to buy tickets, the concert was sold out.
At this very moment I will compensate myself starting watching two dvd's with concerts by Emmylou. An old 80's concert with some hits from that time and a bootleg dvd of the superb concert she did in Belgium Brussels 2006_may_26 with Mark Knopfler (only available for true fans...). In my mind I will be present tonight at my all time favorite female singer's concert.... Toi toi Emmy.
Did I offer you this superb concert already ? No time to check, let me know.


At this moment one person rated this posting as very bad !
It's his/her opinion. No problem with that.

But I really wonder why this posting is 'very bad'.
Because there's no music link ?
Because it's just bla bla ?
Because ... ?

Why not argue your opinion also ? It takes just a minute..
Compare that to a Blogger who spends hours to compile a post..
I got to listen to some of this and it was as you say...Superb!


five stars from this blogger.
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