Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Buddy Holly died FIFTY years ago

Today is a sad day on which we remember that plane crash at Clear Lake 1959_feb_03 by which Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper (JP Richardson) and Ritchie Valens died. FIFTY years ago.....

Read the complete story of what happened that day over here.
And you certainly will remember what Don McLean sang on his album American pie : the day the music died...!

Click the label Buddy Holly below and you can get ALL his recordings and more..


Hi Jean,
His music was too squeeky clean for me, but I'm really glad to see you are still hanging in there.

I was only 9 years and 6 months old when Buddy died, so I can't say that his death registered at that time. It was only later, during the beat boom of the mid 60s - with the Beatles recording "Words of love" - that I really started to appreciate his tremendous contribution to popular music. One of the giants of Rock and Roll and Popular Music. The music lives on with the tremendous recordings he made and the influence he had on so many artists. Many thanks, Jean, for posting an awesome collection.
Of course the music didn't die, but it did lose something. Thanks for all the Holly material.
Hello Jean,
Thanks for the Buddy Holly. I was born about 70 miles from where he did most of his recording and on occasion saw the studio.
I was so sorry to see you leave but am very happy to see your return, if only for a short time.
Your blog was always excellent and you gave a link to mine at yellowdaysvinyl. I hope you continue posting for your own satisfaction. Thank you for all you did in the past.
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